Monday, 24 June 2013

Summer Haze.

With the school semester almost over, and Melbourne's icy cold weather having taken over, I've been spending the last few weeks bumming around at home constantly glued to any electronic device (whether it be my iPhone, laptop or iPad). Unfortunately this hasn't had a very positive effect on my mental state, as my Instagram, Bloglovin & Tumblr feeds are all full of delicious photos of the European and American summer! So while sitting in my warm, cosy bed with my candles burning, I thought I'd post some of the incredible (and slightly depressing) photos that have made my heart melt!

Raleigh Hotel Miami
Zimmermann's Instagram.

Friendinfashion's blogspot.

Kym Ellery's Instagram. 

Valley Trunk Bay.
Zimmermann's Instagram. 

Monterosso al Mare.
Garypeppergirl's Instagram. 

Photo by Ulrich Knoblauch.

Taco's at Maria Bonita.
Tuulavintage's Instagram.

Zanitazanita's Instagram.

Eve Brazil S/S 14 Campaign. 

Ella xxx


  1. I hear you! Just thinking of all the places I can't go makes for a very uninspiring summer (though an inspired future). Wish these shots were my own.