Thursday, 20 June 2013

Calling for Tokyo.

Since my exams are finally over, all of my assignments have been handed in, and the holidays are fast approaching, I have had a serious amount of relaxation time on my hands. Last week in my product/fashion design room at school, I ventured into the store room to take a few books home over the weekend break. While flipping through pages of greatly influential seasons of fashion from designers old & new, I fell across a book called, 'The Tokyo Collection' by Shizuyo Kusunoki. I was blown away by the structure and shape of a variety of designers collections. Each garment (whether it be a structured jacket or an evening gown) was innovative and chic, as well as the layout and pages of the book, each page a different texture and design template to the next. I have fallen completely in love with Tokyo being a transmitting base for fashion, overflowing with a sense of freshness and youthfulness! Here are looks from some of the amazing designers in the book.
Hiroko Koshino
A/W 2012-13.

Yuki Torii
S/S 2013


  1. Oh my!
    These pieces are amazing! Japanese are the best in fashion!
    Love them all! :-)


    Piera Anastasia